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Education Services for Electricians

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Education Services for Electricians

I established EEC to provide education services for electricians throughout the country. I have been teaching electrical apprenticeship, leadership principals, lean construction principals and helping electricians prepare for successful careers in the greatest of the skilled trades for over 20 years. 

I have learned through interaction with thousands of electricians that there is an amazing amount of information that we need to know in order to do our jobs safely with quality and efficiency. I want to provide a place where electricians can go to get a refresher, learn about new technologies, prepare of an exam, learn a new facite of their trade or meet their continuing education requirements.  But not just another CEU provide or test prep service, there are plenting of those. I want to provide a place where an electrician can talk face to face with another electrician who has taken those examinations, faced those challenges and installed those technologies. In short, someone who understands the challenges and who has successfully helped thousands of other electricians conquer them.

Electrical Experts Consulting is that place.

I am an approved provider for Continuing Education in Colorado.
Provider: Electrical Experts Consulting  PROV.0000041-ELEC
Instructor Ted Smith: INST.0000129-ELEC
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